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Introducing NOVO Go

The Next Generation of Technology Enabled Care

NOVO Go is a new, innovative, mobile telecare solution that encourages independent mobility outside the home, whilst maintaining a professional support and response service. This modality opens the doors to a whole new dimension of Technology Enabled Care.

A new innovative mobile telecare solution

Limitless reliability for more freedom
of movement

NOVO Go is designed to give users confidence and independence in everyday life, both inside and outside the home, providing peace of mind every step of the way. It supports two-way audio communication and has an easy to press alarm button. Once activated, the device can immediately notify a responder and provide precise location details of the individual requesting assistance. NOVO Go has a modern and discrete design that can be worn on the wrist or around the neck.

Maximum comfort for users

The freedom to feel safe, always and everywhere

With NOVO Go, we are expanding our proven professional Technology Enabled Care solutions spatially and technologically. At the touch of a button, NOVO Go establishes a voice connection to the dedicated responder or alarm receiving a home emergency call centre. To maximise efficiency, the location of the person can be determined at any time, even if no alarm has been triggered. NOVO Go delivers peace of mind for its user, at any time and in any location.

Comfort and safety

Protection and maximum freedom of movement both inside and outside the home

Specifically designed for deployment as a professional telecare device and compliant with all relevant standards. NOVO Go is the latest technology allowing users to live more independently and safely. A small, modern, and comfortable device fully packed with features to supervise, manage, communicate, and help users both inside and outside the home. Anytime and anywhere.

and safe

Combinations with other Legrand Care devices

Handy, flexible, and smart

For mobile use, NOVO Go sets standards, and in the home environment, it becomes a fully-fledged home hub by communicating with a comprehensive range of Legrand Care telecare peripheral devices.

  • Automatic alarm triggering in case of inactivity.
  • Programmable automatic daily I’m OK button function.
  • Programmable monitoring interval.
  • Voice prompt reminder prior to monitoring interval expiry.
  • NOVO Go can remind its users, e.g., to take their medications.
  • Audible and visual prompts.
  • Adjustable time intervals.
  • Periodic configuration.
  • Personalized audio messages.
  • Automatic location via dual-band GPS/GNSS positioning technology.
  • Assisted GPS (A-GPS) for greater accuracy and faster location.
  • Geofencing and tracking functions configurable via the Cloud Management Portal.
  • On-demand positioning from the ARC option.
  • Programmable tracking interval.
  • Standardised SCAIP protocol to transmit alarms and messages.
  • Audible and visual prompts to help users determine the device’s status, e.g., battery and communication (configurable).
  • Battery level and charging process feedback.
  • Language-supported service functions.
  • Whitelist / Blacklist enables configuration of actions for specific callers.
  • Playback of pre-configured audible prompts.
  • Ring tone can be deactivated.
  • Manual and automatic call acceptance configuration options.
Combinations with other Legrand Care devices

NOVO Go also offers a wide range of possibilities in combination with other devices

NOVO Go can be used in a variety of different configurations to ensure that the user is kept safe and independent, both inside and outside the home.

NOVO Go Docking station

NOVO Go DOCK, a powerful loudspeaker that expands the capabilities at home

Whilst at home, the mobile device can be placed into its docking station, creating a traditional home hub infrastructure where the user can also connect additional wellbeing devices to it. Should they wish to leave the home, they simply take the mobile device from the docking station and return it once they have safely arrived back home.

Integrated loudspeaker and extremely easy charging function.

Additional emergency call and function button.

Search function: Find my NOVO Go with DOCK.

Backup battery to always ensure NOVO Go is fully charged.

Remote configuration and firmware updates from NOVO Go.

In combination with the fixed Home Hub

NOVO Go with Fixed Home Hub is the most powerful and complete Technology Enabled Care solution

Where a fixed home hub is permanently required in the home, NOVO Go can be used as a traditional pendant device that can activate the fixed hub. When indoors, NOVO Go knows it’s at home and preserves its battery life by only sending radio communication to the hub. If the user ventures outside, the device knows it’s away from home and turns on its mobile connectivity to function as a stand-alone unit.

Extends battery lifetime up to several months.

Fixed home hub extends home security.

Search function: Find my NOVO Go.

NOVO Go and the Fix Home Hub can always work independently too.

Legrand Care digital ecosystem

Full control
over all your connected devices

From day one, our NOVO Go clients benefit from all of the present and future device management functionalities of our Cloud Management Portal. In this way, they can monitor, program, and manage all NOVO Go devices remotely and in real time.

Legrand Care digital ecosystem

Technology Enabled Care: the future in your hands

Legrand Care Cloud Management Portal (CMP) combines the fixed Home Hub and mobile telecare devices under one roof with common administration and configuration of all Legrand Care devices. Due to the continued development and the creation of new interfaces, the integration of exciting new products is always possible.

Real time monitoring and status display.

NOVO Go remote programming.

Request a new position via CMP.

Detailed history of alarm and events.

Remote function updates for both NOVO Go and DOCK.

Mapping and geo-fencing capabilities.

Telephone and online support.

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